We take our business very seriously. We know that your clothes, your household fabrics, and rugs are all very valuable investments. We treat each garment specifically to the needs of the each piece. See the services we offer below.

The first in northern New Jersey to introduce organic dry cleaning and thereby giving our customers the benefit and luxury of toxin free garments.

As a result garments are: brighter, cleaner, odor free, safer for you and the environment, longer lasting, safer for all plastics, sequins, beads, pearls, and more

For allergy sufferers, our process is an answer for you.  At ValuClean, washing and pressing is just not enough for our customers.  We do more than that.  We wash the shirts and apply a patented OZONE and ULTRA VIOLET purification process – the most effective method of removing all germs and bacteria.  This process not only produces a better-looking and cleaner garment, but also prolongs the life of the garment.

Your investment in your clothing is as important to us as it is for you.  We have an in-house expert tailor, Linda, meets and exceeds your tailoring needs.  With over thirty years of experience, we trust our tailor with all of our projects – from wedding gowns to suit tailoring.

Taking care of your house drapes, rugs and other upholstery items are difficult, but let us take care of it!  We launder and store comforters, wash and press draperies and can also take care of your rugs.  Have a tough stain on your tablecloth? No problem. Call us for more information regarding your specific household items.

Suede and leather garments deserve special care and the team at ValuClean take special time and care of your leather and suede garments.

A piece of clothing is sometimes worth a thousand memories.  Trust us to clean and preserve your most cherished garments – your wedding gowns, christening gowns, and other nostalgic garments.  Our latest technologies wrap your garments to help prevent discoloration over time. Our expertise and experience in cleaning formal wear will ensure that your investment in these special clothes will not be wasted.

Don’t let salt stains ruin your UGGs.  We can restore your UGGs so you can get another season’s wear from your cozy warm and expensive boots!

Running low on closet space?  Look to ValuClean Cleaners for an answer.  We offer FREE storage with prepaid cleaning service.  When you’re ready to take your items out of storage, we give them a second wash to make sure your garments are fresh and ready to wear!

In a time crunch? No problem! Since our work is done on premises, we can accommodate rush orders.  Bring your item in before 10AM and we can have it back in your hands after 5pm.  We aim to meet all your needs – including rush orders!

Convenience at its best!  Use our pick up and delivery service to make dry cleaning one less stop on your errand day!  We offer different plans for pick up and delivery – including on-demand service.  Please see our pick up and delivery page for full details and to sign up!