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Starting your FREE pick up and delivery service is easy.  Simply fill out the form below to get started or come and visit us in store.  We will call to verify your service needs and confirm a schedule and place of pick up and drop off.

Leave your garments

We aim to be as convenient at possible for you.  You have THREE different OPTIONS to drop off your garments:

  • Drop them off in-store

  • Drop them in our 24 hour drop off station in your personalized garment bag.

  • Request pick by filling out current customer form, emailing, or calling us. Leave them in your personalized red garment bag at the designated drop off spot on the day of your pick up

Be sure to complete your invoice that came with your ValuClean garment bag or print and fill it out.  Include this inside your bag.  For your first order, please leave your clothes in a bag clearly labeled “VALUCLEAN CLEANERS”.  Ask your Concierge if they already have a welcome packet from us – there is a good chance they already have a package waiting for you!

We deliver for you… for free!

We will clean your clothes and deliver them to you to the designated delivery spot.  We will return your red ValuClean garment bag along with a new invoice for your next pick up date.

Terms and Conditions

  • We do our regular deliveries on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS.  For example, if we pick your items up on Tuesday, it will be delivered the following Friday.  If we pick up on Friday, it will be delivered on the following Tuesday.
  • Please note, your clothes can be picked up from our store usually between 1-2 days after we pick it up.  Call us and we will try our best to accommodate your schedule.  Since we do our work on premises, we can be flexible with our ability to meet your needs.
  • We ask please that pick up and delivery requests be for orders more than $20.
  • We offer RUSH and ON DEMAND service for orders over $35.
  • You CAN use our COUPONS for your pick up and delivery orders. Please include a print out coupon or a note mentioning the coupon in your laundry bag.
  • At the moment, we are only able to do provide pick up and delivery service to homes that have a secured area for clothes.  A concierge or a secured garage / home / closet would be available for our use would be necessary for service.


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