The Park family brings the same outstanding quality and service from Rochelle Park, NJ.  They dedicated over twenty years of service in that community before bringing their business to Edgewater in 2006.  Their expertise and experience resulted in a business that held a reputation as an outstanding dry cleaner.

The ValuClean founders, with combined over fifty years experience, is an innovator in developing unique products for dry cleaners, introduced ValuClean, a concept of custom and luxury dry cleaning at Valu prices, to enable a wide spectrum of the population to enjoy luxury dry cleaning.

With a private parking lot, ValuClean is convenient & easy.  We are across the street from the Edgewater Whole Foods and next door to Brownstone Pancake Factory.   We offer on demand pick up and delivery to your home or office.  We have special discounts and coupons that change regularly providing many opportunities to save on our top-quality services.  We pride ourselves on open communication and are available to you via phone or through email and messages.

ValuClean is a leader in dry cleaning technologies – the first to introduce Organic Dry Cleaning in Bergen County and now offering new wet cleaning technologies – all aiming to provide you with the most custom clean for your garments.  We are committed to keeping you and your family safe eliminating toxic chemicals from every part of our service.

At ValuClean of Edgewater, the Park family cares about you and your clothes, and their goal is to satisfy you and your needs in producing the finest in quality and service.

Rachel Ray At ValuClean

We like to have fun, too, here at ValuClean.  See when Rachel Ray was one of our “employees” for a day at our store on the show I Get That A Lot!  Our team at ValuClean had a great time with Rachel Ray and her enthusiasm and cheeriness!

What Our Customer Have To Say

This is the by far the best dry cleaner in Edgewater! Excellent service, great price, and the cleanest clothes!

Dale P.

Feb 2015

These guys are excellent. Have given them my daughter’s winter coat that she has gotten really dirty this winter and both times it was like brand new. Fast service.

Tanya G.

Apr 2014, review from

As a person who has a full time job who wears collar shirts pretty much everyday, it is really important to find a great dry cleaning place. Unfortunately, those are hard to come by. That is until I found this place.

They are on time and reasonably priced. Their delivery time is also pretty spot on. They’re good at what they do and their service is impeccable. So far, it has been the best dry cleaning experience that I have ever had. Employees are friendly and they’re willing explain their process if you simply ask. I recommend trying this place out. I have been having very satisfying experiences and I have no doubt that you will too.

Mike N.

Oct 2013, review from

I am so happy that I finally found a good dry cleaner in my area!

This place is good for everything; my expensive jeans, gowns, silk shirts, etc..  I trust them with it all.  It’s a nice feeling dropping off my clothes knowing that I will get every piece back in mint condition!

Love this place!

Kyla G.

Dec 2014, review from

I have been using ValuClean Cleaners for 6 years and they have been great for all my cleaning and tailoring needs.  I have never had an issue, they make every effort to accommodate my schedule and the pricing is great for Edgewater.  Finally, Mrs. Park is a pleasure – always meets me with a smile.  I am a very loyal customer and highly recommend to anyone.

David G.

Dec 2015

First and foremost, we love that ValuClean is organic.  Our clothing is returned to us clean, professional and without any chemical smells.  Secondly, the convenience is priceless.  They deliver and pick up twice a week like clockwork and are always accommodating in a pinch!  Martha and Bruno with Tommy and capable tailor Linda offer top notch quality with a truly neighborhood feel.

Carla N.

Nov 2015

The good people at ValuClean embrace their customers as though they were family.  They are hard working, honest and their cleaning and alteration services are impeccable.

It is an extreme pleasure to know this fine family and to be their customer!

Carol P.

Oct 2015

My wife and I have always found your work very professional.  Everything is always clean and well packaged from shirts to dresses.  It is a pleasure to do business with a great company like yours.

Gary P.

Feb 2015

I have been a customer of ValuClean Cleaners from the day they opened in my town of Edgewater having been a resident in Edgewater for over twenty years. Without exception, they are the best dry cleaners in the area.

I have used them for dry cleaning, laundering and alterations. No one in the area of Edgewater / Fort Lee comes even close to the service they provide them within a day or two.

The fact that everything is done on site means and not sent out to another cleaner like others generally means that there is less a chance of items being lost. None of my items have been lost in the five plus years I have been a client.

There is a notable difference in their service as opposed to others. You can simply see it for example, in the quality, the freshness and the pressing of my business shirts.

Couple the service with a personal approach that no dry cleaner that I have been to has. The husband and wife team always greet me my name whenever I drop items off my dry cleaning and they take the extra time to fix items without asking like the buttons on a shirt. The simply go the extra mile. That is what service is all about no matter what business you are in to differentiate a business from everyone else.

Alterations are done on premises and always are completed on time within a few days.

Parking is excellent.

I consider the prices moderate. It is simply a matter of paying for what you get.

I consider myself a client for life.

Grant M.

Nov 2013, review from